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Zero G's Chemical Synths Refill

A hot addition to our our range of Reason Refill/REX libraries is Chemical Synths, a totally fresh and eagerly awaited title conceived, assembled and produced by accomplished game and independent movie composer, Jonathan Heslop. Having already produced Zero-G's Ambient Textures Refill, which received high praise from the industry's media on its release last year, Jonathan's hands-on appreciation of Propellerheads' Reason software capabilities in his own music projects results in refill libraries which are not only musically influential but which also fully utilize the dedicated synthesizers and samplers contained within the Reason software.

"...The quality and range of sounds throughout is excellent, with the expected array of hard bass and lead sounds nicely complimented by deeper, but no less useful patches and samples. Essentially, Chemical Synths provides you with everything you need to make a track bar the beats, providing ominous industrial pads and filthy dirty rave stabs as well as softer riffs and warm subs. Quite simply, Chemical Synths is a must if you use Reason to make hard-edged dance music."

"It is clear that creator Jonathan Heslop has put his hours in getting to grips with Reason's various instruments... There is some really good stuff amongst this lot... the sounds within this collection have 'attitude' written all the way through them. If you are a Reason user and have a fondness for the more aggressive end of dance, then Chemical Synths is well worth adding to your Refill collection. FIVE STARS out of 5"

Presented on a DVD-ROM, Chemical Synths is a massive collection of hard-edged synth sounds, with moments of rawness and dirt to inject that creative spike to your musical ideas. This collection comprises Hard-ass basses, searing leads, riffs, loops & patches ....all dripping with attitude.

There are two refills on the disc. The first contains all the Subtractor, Malstrom, NN-19 and NN-XT patches. The second contains all of the REX files. There are a total of 400 REX2 files which are provided both inside and outside of the second refill so they're accessible for use in all software which can read REX files (not just Reason users!).

(Note: The Malstrom and NN-XT patches only work with REASON version 2.0 or later).


  • 50 Subtractor patches,
  • 200 Malstrom patches,
  • 150 NN-19 sampler patches,
  • 200 NN-XT sampler patches,
  • 200 REX Arps,
  • 200 REX Riffs.

Synthesizers used include:

  • Supernova 2 Pro X,
  • Access Virus,
  • Korg Z1,
  • Microwave XT,
  • Micro Q,
  • Technics WSA1,
  • Mutronics Mutator,
  • Sherman Filterbank.

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