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ReCycle 2.1

Loops, grooves and breakbeats: Powerful sonic building blocks, and great inspirational triggers. No matter what style of music you're into, you can be sure there's a loop out there that can spice your track up a little, or even lift it to completely new heights. But handling loops and grooves equals hard work. Hours of pitching and stretching just to get a loop to fit your song's tempo and timing. And if you need to change the key, you're in for even more work. In the end, your loops are controlling you, instead of vice versa. But help is on its way. From Propellerhead Software comes a suite of programs that gives you full creative control over your looped material!

Welcome to ReCycle 2.1 - The Ultimate Toolkit for Sampled Grooves.

ReCycle goes way beyond simply solving groove problems and cleaning up your loop act - it's a highly creative tool that helps you make the most of your grooves. In simple terms, ReCycle lets you do with sampled loops what you can do with beats programmed from individual drum sounds - like alter the tempo, or replace sounds and process them individually. ReCycle turns concrete-rigid loops into musical modeling clay, allowing you, the loopist, to do pretty much what you desire.

Tempo and Timing
Automate the tedious process of making a sampled groove fit the tempo of your song.
Change the tempo of a groove without altering its pitch.
Change the timing of the groove - you can even quantize it!
Tuning and Detuning
Change the pitch of a groove without altering its tempo.
Make pitched grooves (like guitar riffs) fit into songs in other keys.
Remodel the Groove!
Remove and/or replace any sound inside the sampled groove without altering its feel.
Create variations and fills out of a single loop.
Alter the volume of the individual sounds in the groove.
Use ReCycle's Envelope, Transient Shaper and EQ to energize your loop.
Send different sounds in the groove to different sampler outputs or audio channels, for individual processing.
Alter the ambience of a groove.
Automatically normalize the levels of the sounds in the groove for optimum sound quality.
Go beyond the Loop!
Automatically isolate and extract individual sounds out of long samples.
Use the feel of the groove to quantize other MIDI recordings.

Password : sprinter


Anonymous said...

can u put a download for mac users please...

Unknown said...

A mac Recycle, pleeeeeaassseee!!!!
I need it too :)

Unknown said...

Got it ;)

it will work only for 10 downloads though.

Anonymous said...

wrong pasword......

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hey, when i want to patch up the exe data, nothing came
and when i run the exe, they tell me to put the original cd in my pc

please help, i was so happy when i found it, and now i can't start it.....

Guilherme Conelhero said...

Muchas Gracias Muchacho!

Anonymous said...

Can you put another download for Max pleas?

Unknown said...

Can you please post a download link for Mac users?

Anonymous said...

yo if you gonna do something, do i t right. when i patch the recycle.exe, then i run the recycle exe, it tells me to put in the original cd in.