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Groovebox - Music Production With Reason 4

This groundbreaking release shows you how one of the hottest songs included in the new Reason 4 Factory Soundbank was created! Learn step-by-step how the awe inspiring track "Narrow Escape" was written and produced by the songwriter Josh Mobley (aka Neoverse). In this series directed by Reason Guru and world-wide speaker/instructor Kurt Kurasaki, you will be taken on a journey that builds this track up from nothing, into something great.

Product Highlights
• 12 Chapters / Over 2 Hours Total Runtime
• For all intermediate to advanced Reason users
• Tutorials written by Reason Gurus -Kurt Kurasaki and Josh Mobley
• Simple to use interface that works on Mac and PC
• No installation required - just insert DVD and learn

Chapters List

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Introductions from Kurt Kurasaki & Josh Mobley
Basic Overview of Reason 4.0 and the new features
A look at the Reason 4.0 Demo Song, Narrow Escape by Josh Mobley and Woody Ranere
Basic Song setup and a Detailed explaination of Submixers used in Narrow Escape

Chapter 2 – Drum and Percussion Programming and Arrangement
Drum Programming and Sequencing
Arranging Drum Sequences
Using the Dr.REX Loop Player
Arranging ReCycle Loops in Reason 4.0
Using the ReGroove Mixer, the Real Time Groove Console

Chapter 3 – Sequencing and Arrangement in Reason 4.0
Setting up a Mixer with Aux Effects
Loading Instruments and Recording a Sequence
Quantization and editing a sequence
Organizing and arranging Clips
Organizing Sequencer Tracks and Lanes
Vector Editing Automation Lanes
Dividing and Muting Clips

Chapter 4 – Song Development
Adding Instruments and Tracks
Using ReCycle Instrument Loops
Using the Scream 4 Distortion
Automation with Multiple Clips
Developing a Bridge and Chorus
Transitions with Drum Fills and Filter Sweeps

Chapter 5 – Song Arrangement
Advanced Sequence Editing
Clip Duplication and Deletion Features
Building out 2nd and 3rd sections of the song
Creating dramatic breakdowns
Thor Synth Programming and Sequencing
Modifying Combinator Patches
Developing dramatic buildups
Rendering the Song to an Audio File

Chapter 6 – Vocals in Reason
Collaboration with a singer/songwriter.
Preparing vocal tracks for import into Reason
Using ReCycle to convert audio to REX files
Importing Vocals into Reason with a Dr.REX Loop Player
Programming the NN-XT Advanced Sampler

Chapter 7 – Dynamics Processing
Using the MClass Compressor on Vocals
Creating a DeEsser for the vocals
Compressing Drums
Advanced Tutorial on the MClass Compressor Sidechain input

Chapter 8 - Special Effects
Creating a custom Granular Effect
Applying Granular effects to the vocals
Using the BV512 Digital Vocoder
Incorporating Vocoded layers into the song

Chapter 9 – Engineering a Mixdown
Understanding how to find an anchor level
Using the Mixer Mute and Solo features
Using Equalization to shape the mix
Comparing and Balancing Levels from Instruments
Mixer Automation via Sequencer tracks

Chapter 10 – Mastering
Inserting a MClass Mastering Combinator into the Reason Rack
Using the MClass Equalizer to adjust the final mix
Using the MClass Maximizer to prevent clipping
Adding personal and copyright information
Publishing the Reason Song.
Overview of applying EQ, the MClass Stereo Imager, Compression, and Limiting.

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What is the password to decrypt the .rar files so they can be viewed or how do i go about viewing each chapter??


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OOps I see the password. My bad!! Many thanks

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