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Orange 2 Refill

ORANGE2 is a unique Reason NN-XT refill that offers all advantages of NN-XT advanced sampler, including

• multilayer structure - for fatter sounds
• velocity splitting - for more lifelike playing
• tempo sync - to create rhytmic patches
• trigger by release - to get interesting effects
• alternate triggering more vivid & varied sounds
• modwheel & aftertouch sensitivity - to get wah-wah, sweep, vibrato & other cool effects

ORANGE2 is the most complex NNXT synthesizer refill ever created. It combines the two methods that we use in our products: the maximal utilization of NN-XT's power and the rich sound of the original synthesizer (Waldorf Microwave XT).

The outcome is a very versatile and rich sounding NN-XT patch collection that beats all eletronic music styles from dry electro to dreamlike ambient. No doubt, it's a 'must have' refill!

Refill size: 650 MB
Multisamples: 1130 MB - 3024 wav files

13x47.7 mb & 1x22.2 mb

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Anonymous said...

hey bro part 13 isnt workin for some reason i cant download it.. i have all the other parts except that one