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VTC: Reason 4 Tutorials

Title: Reason 4
Author: Kenneth Braithwaite
SKU: 33835
ISBN: 1-934743-41-0
Release Date: 2008-02-06
Duration: 8 hrs / 98 lessons
Compatibility: Win Vista, XP, 2000, Mac OS X, Linux
Work Files: Yes



Pomer said...

Hey, I'm kinda new to reason 4.1 and if you have any suggestions from your blog, I would appreciate it.
ty ph

reason_srbija said...

look for everything about reason 4, you should find something useful to you.

C_KAR - NORPHEU said...

hi im trying to uncompress the tutorial and give me an error, winrar ask me for reas401\Reason 4.part07.rar, could you check the 4th link, maybe is incomplet, if it is my mistake, please give me a suggestion.
I can open "only" 30 videos :)
take care, and many thanx for your work is excellent!!! cesar from barcelona.

D.W.P said...

wow....i just stumbled upon your blog and damn i've seen alot of things that could really be helpful to me. I just wanted to leave a comment and give props instead of just leeching off your links! Good Lookin on the page.

Anonymous said...

superb..great posting
share to care

Anonymous said...

if part 7 and following are missing then this is because you have to extract each of the 4 zip files listed above and then put all parts into one folder and extract these again and btw 30 videos out of 98 wouldnt be a great deal now would it? =)

thumbs up for this post
thank you !

Anonymous said...

brate care, hvala na ovim tutorijalima.
keep it raw!