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• Over 3 hours of in-depth training tutorial videos
• For all beginner to intermediate Reason® 1.x-3.x users
• Easy to understand tutorials written by experts
• Simple to use interface that works on Mac® and PC
• No installation required - just insert CD and learn!

1. Getting Started
2. Setting Reason Preferences
3. Open and Play a Song
4. Create a New Song
5. Transport Panel
6. Audio Basics
7. Browser Window
Recording and Playback
8. Recording and Playback Basics
9. Record MIDI
Rack and Devices
10. Routing Overview
11. Rack Overview
12. Working with Devices
13. Mixer Overview
14. Redrum Overview
15. Redrum - Program Patterns
16. Redrum - Arranging Patterns
17. Matrix Overview
18. Matrix - Program Patterns
19. Matrix - Arranging Patterns
20. Hardware Interface
21. Sequencer Overview
22. Sequencer Views
23. Sequencer Tracks Overview
24. Snap to Grid
25. Cut, Copy and Paste
26. Quantize Overview
27. Combinator Overview
28. Combinator Programmer
29. Creating a Split Patch
30. Intro to MClass
31. The MClass EQ
32. MClass Stereo Imager
33. MClass Compressor
34. MClass Maximizer
35. Rewire Overview
Save and Export
36. Export a Song as Audio
37. Export Loops as Audio
38. Save a Self-Contained Song
39. Publish a Song

Made for Reason® version 1,2 and 3 Users!

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