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Zero-G Trance Construction Kits

TRANCE CONSTRUCTION KITS for REASON by the producer of 'Nu House' (Mike Ash) is essential raw material for tranceheads worldwide. From epic soaring melodies to pounding machine rhythms, Zero-G TRANCE CONSTRUCTION KITS delivers up-to-the-minute sounds, including plenty of Dr REX Drumloops, Dr REX Grooveloops, ReDrum Kits, NN19 Patches, etc. It features tons of pumping beats from 132 to 146 bpm, ambient trippiness, bubbling synth lines, percussion, FX, and bass patches.
Also included are lots of patches of trance synths, pads and strings - in fact just about all the mind-blowing sounds, textures and sonic tools you need for use in Ambient, Epic or Hard Trance, Techno and "perfect-for-three-in-the-morning" dance production. You'd be hard pressed to find a better collection of trance material around at this price. If trance is on your flight plan, this is a fine place to take off.

thanks to Oskar


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