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Reason 103: REX & FX

Reason 103: REX & FX

“Create perfect REX files, and make them sparkle, using Reason's built-in DSP effects!”

Trainer: Paul Garay
Level: Level 1
Application: Propellerhead Reason
Platform: Mac & PC
Runtime: 126 minutes
File Size: 389 MB

Hip hop producers have long known that REX files offer the perfect method for flipping beats and phrases to create new, musically interesting cut-ups, but there's a lot more to REX files than just remixing pre-existing sounds. If you haven't begun making your own REX files, the beginning of this program demonstrates why REX files are central to any Reason workflow!

After learning the secrets of making your own REX files, you'll move on to explore all of Reason's Built-in digital signal processing (DSP) effects. More than just a quick tour, this tutorial shows you the how AND why of using DSP effects. For example, you'll learn now dynamic range compression works, and also see when you should apply it to beats, guitar, and other sounds to make them cut cleanly through your mix.

There's also in-depth coverage of something we all love ... VOCODING!! Learn how to use Reason's BV512 Vocoder to make your vocals sing like the robots in a Bonny M song, or vocode beats to create new and interesting rhythmic arrangements.

Of course, you'll also learn how to phase, flange, delay and reverb your sounds in ways you've never heard before. There's a lot covered in this program. Check out the table of contents below for a full list of the topics covered ...

Table of Contents
Reason 103 : REX & FX

Chapter 1: Creating REX Files Using ReCycle
01: Importing An Audio Loop
02: Detecting Slices
03: Adding FX
04: Exporting The REX File
05: Importing Into Dr. REX

Chapter 2: Dr. REX in Detail
06: The Preview Loop Button
07: Setting The Pitch Bend Range
08: Setting The Polyphony
09: Using High Quality Interpolation
10: The Low Bandwidth Button
11: Assigning Modulation Destinations
12: Understanding The OSC Pitch Section
13: The Filter Section
14: Assigning A Filter Envelope
15: Assigning An LFO
16: Assigning An AMP Envelope

Chapter 3: Working With Slices
17: Using The Slice Knob
18: Adjusting Individual Slices
19: Enabling Select Slice Via MIDI

Chapter 4: Manipulating the Dr. REX in the Sequencer
20: Bouncing Your Loop
21: Rearranging Slices
22: Dr. REX As A Tone Module

Chapter 5: Studio Effects
23: COMP-01 Compressor
24: COMP-01 On An instrument
25: COMP-01 On The Entire Mix
26: MClass Compressor As An Insert
27: PEQ-2 Two Band Parametric EQ
28: PEQ-2 On An Instrument
29: PEQ-2 On Individual Sounds
30: MClass Equalizer On An Instrument
31: RV-7 Digital Reverb
32: RV-7 On An Individual Sound
33: Adding RV-7 Using Sends
34: RV7000 Advanced Reverb
35: DDL-1 Digital Delay Line
36: DDL-1 As A Mixer Send
37: DDL-1 On An Instrument
38: CF-101 Chorus/Flanger
39: CF-101 On An Instrument
40: CF-101 As A Send
41: UN-16 Unison
42: UN-16 As An Insert & Send
43: PH-90 Phaser
44: PH-90 Phaser With The Redrum

Chapter 6: Creative Effects
45: Scream 4 Distortion
46: Scream 4 & Drums
47: Scream 4 & Guitar
48: ECF-42 Envelope Controlled Filter
49: D-11 Foldback Distortion

Chapter 7: BV512 Vocoder
50: Setting Up A Carrier & Modulator
51: Sequencing The Carrier & Modulator
52: Adjusting The Dry/Wet Mix
53: Setting The Attack & Decay
54: Using The Hold Button
55: Adjusting The Shift Knob
56: Working With The EQ Section
57: Choosing Frequency Bands
58: Using FFT Mode
59: The BV512 As A Graphic EQ
60: Adjusting The HF Emphasis Knob

Chapter 8: Additional
61: The 6:2 Line Mixer
62: Connecting Several Mixers Together
63: Using The ReDrum's Aux Sends
64: FX Outputs To Mixer Channels
65: Reason's Easter Egg


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