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Loopmasters Dubstep

Dubstep from Loopmasters is a brand new Download Pack featuring over 170MB
of brand new beats, bass, synths and Sound FX for new wave musicians, producers
and DJs looking to incorporate some authentic Dubstep samples into their productions!
The term 'dubstep' was coined by Ammunition Promotions and first used on an XLR8R
magazine cover that featured Horsepower Productions. It gained full acceptance with
the Dubstep Allstars Vol 1 CD (Tempa) mixed by DJ Hatcha.

In 2007 dubstep producers are increasingly absorbing dub reggae sonic
aesthetics - sub bass, reverb and delay - to forge a distinct path away from
associate genres like drum & bass, house and breaks. Using different rhythmic
patterns like the 2step and halfstep beat patterns (yet deployed in the same tempo
range) dubstep can create senses of differing momentum within the same DJ set.
At best, dub reggae sonic aesthetics also allow a broad range of new musical
influences to be introduced with a sense of coherence.

The Pack was created by Toni Ann Gray of Bulletproof Breaks,
and includes 15 atmosphere pads, 48 Dubstep Basslines,
30 Drumloops, 13 Sfx Hits, 17 Melody Loops and 50 Dubstep Drum Hits.

Also included are RMX compatible Rex2 Samples for all the Loops and 22
Patches ready to play in Kontakt, Halion, Reason NNXT and SFZ.

Presented in Acidised Wav and Rex2 formats here as a Zip file, simply
download and enjoy using these samples immediately!.

As usual with all Loopmasters Cds and download packs, all material contained
within this release is 100% royalty free for you to use in your music, so make
the tracks and fill the dancefloor with Loopmasters.

Reason NNXT
Stylus RMX


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